la Pavoni Bar 3V

Elektronické dávkovanie kávy, 3 páky, Nastavenie 4 veľkostí šálky

Doprava Kuriér za 3,60 €
Základná cena4652,00 €
Predajná cena po zľave
Predajná cena5582,40 €
DPH930,40 €
3 - 4 týždne, stroje sú vyrábané


Electronic programmable dosing espresso machine with digital control pad and microprocessor. Four cup size selections including continuous brewing and a stop button, coffee cups counter, litres regeneration program, clock.

Hot water jet controlled by a push-button with automatic release; electrical cups-warmer.

Press- forged nickeled brass groups with vertical infusion chamber and pressurisation system.

Internal electropump, electronic automatic water level control, manual boiler water charge push button, electrical cups warmer, two flexible steam pipe, hot water push button, functions display,installation kit.
Electrical heating
Colours: Ruby red, metal grey, golden black

Water softner (8-12 liters)
Automatic water softner (DACQ4 - DACQ8)
Kit Cappuccino Automatic
Cylindric heating element kit
Additional two cups filter holder
Filter holder Espresso Magic
Lowered filter holder
Gas feeding